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Just Like Peaches: A Black Dagger Brotherhood Community

Just Like Peaches // A BDB Community
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All Members , Moderated
A community dedicated to the book series, Black Dagger Brotherhood.

just like peaches
In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war raging between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other — six vampires warriors, defenders of their race.

Welcome to justlikepeaches, a lj community dedicated to The Black Dagger Brotherhood, the fabulous book series by J.R. Ward. Here, you will find the latest news about the saga, discussion posts and more.


1. No bashing of the books or their author, J.R. Ward. You can be discontented with something that happened in a book or disagree with something Ward said in an interview, but no bashing. Ever.

2. Be civil and polite. Not everybody will like the same characters and pairings, in which case you will have to agree to disagree and be grown up about it. Which means, no bashing of a fellow BDB lover in this community.

3. Discussions about the latest book, Lover Mine, and future volumes will be considered as "spoiling" information. Put all spoiler under a cut and tag your entry with the "(spoilers)" tag, so that people will know to stay away.
4. This is a discussion community about the books. Discussions about your dream/perfect casting are irrelevant to the book series and would not be allowed. Neither are icons and picspams showing it off. Though, icons using quotations from the books or the books' covers are welcome!

5. Mods will host a discussion post every two weeks. In order to keep the discussions original and entertaining, discussions posted by members are not allowed. BUT you are free to comment in our suggestion post and leave us topics you want to be discussed and have opinions about. We would do our best to cover every questions which would be submitted. Important note about this here.

6. Always tag your post. If you're not sure which tag(s) to use, ask a mod. We will add tags if needed.

7. If you have any question, or doubt, contact one of the mods (ashspark or blinkan3y3). We don't bite! If you want affiliation, ask here. And please, ask for our permission before pimping your own community.